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Double D Media is a digital marketing agency.  Simply put, we work for business clients looking to expand and grow their customer base.  Our services encompass three main areas:

Targeted Marketing

There are thousands of innovative and effective ways to reach potential business – all of which incorporate detailed real time metrics to show what’s working and what isn’t.  We are both trained and knowledgeable in designing and implementing successful campaigns within the world of digital.

Creative Production

From audio and video commercials, to brochures, business cards, and graphics design – we can easily facilitate all of your marketing material needs.  DDMI has developed a tight network of creative design professionals as well as quality vendors that can deliver amazing results.

Web & Mobile Design

Websites, mobile apps, and more!  DDMI specializes in crafting visually stunning and fully functional web platforms that are SEO complaint out of the box.  From landing pages to complex eCommerce sites, we have solutions to further your internet reach.

We give each client 150%!

that’s the Double D Media way.

What is the Double D Media Advantage?

Let us tell you..


We were born in an analog age, but spent the time and effort needed to evolve and learn the intricacies of this new age of marketing.  Our staff is comprised of experienced sales account executives, Google Certified SEO designers, accomplished graphics artists, veteran coders, and other creatives.  The tie that binds us is our unyielding commitment to customer success.


Regardless of if you are a small home based business or a large multi-national corporation, our commitment to our customers is always paramount.  The time we utilize to discuss and consult with you about your business goals helps us to develop winning strategies that will result in quantifiable success.  Our mission is to create long lasting relationships, not to trip over every dime to pick up a dollar.


In marketing, the details make the difference.  No matter what service you hire us for, we attack each project in the same way – by first identifying clear goals for what you’d like to accomplish.  Once our goals are identified, we can then work toward crafting a strategy to achieve them.  We are creative experts and pride ourselves on leaving no stone unturned when developing our winning tactics for your business.


In marketing, there are many firms that promise the world but deliver substantially less.  We will never make promises we know we can’t keep.  Our mantra is complete client transparency – from start to finish.  No project will move forward without your express approval, no billing statement will be sent without accompanying explanation.

Our Digital Services Portfolio

The Newest Ways To Reach Your Audience..


We will help you make a splash with search engine marketing.  With specific targeting and optimization of your web presence, we can not only get your listing higher up on Google but help you spend less money doing so.  We’re Google and Bing Certified, so we can tell you we know what we’re talking about.

Pandora Internet Radio

Reach tens of millions of active listeners per month with campaigns that typically over deliver projected impressions.  We’ve developed an excellent relationship with Pandora, and are one of their few agency partners.

Social Media

Not only do we understand social media advertising, we also understand how to utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to generate organic reach.  Campaign to page management and everything in between with DDMI!

Reputation Monitoring

In a world where the consumer has access to any information they might need instantly, managing your business’s online reputation is more important than ever.  Google Reviews, Yelp!, and even Facebook reviews can make or break a sale.  We can manage and improve your customer reputation, resulting in better retention and loyalty.


Your Google rank is only as good as your website.  We offer the tools and experience to help you appear higher in search results organically.  Whether it’s fixing what you already have or completely redesigning your old website, DDMI can do it.


Branding is essential in Marketing. In fact, global brands are ranked in order of importance.  Strong branding inspires consumer confidence, and provides consistency among the usage experience. Virtually every aspect of marketing is utilized in order to supplement the brand or add to its previously existing equity.

Traditional Marketing Portfolio

We Are A Full Service Agency..

Radio is the leading reach platform: 93% of us listen to AM/FM radio over the airwaves, which is higher than TV viewership (85%), PC use (50%), smartphone use (74%), and tablet use (29%)

    • 265 million Americans 6+ listen to the radio each week;
    • 66 million Millennials use radio each week;
    • Audio consumers are listening for more than 12 hours each week; and
    • The majority of radio usage comes from employed listeners; nearly three-quarters of Generation X listeners work full-time.

Our background is radio.  We know it, we love it, and – most importantly – we know how to deliver solid results with it.

In addition to our creative services (writing and producing commercials), we know how to negotiate the best rates.  We also know how to get you added value for your buy with on air giveaways and mentions, promotions, appearances, placements, and more.

The latest Nielsen data shows that television and cable (linear) viewing is down for persons under 30 in the United States, but it also shows older demographics still respond very well to television and cable advertisement.

The same study has shown – not surprisingly – digital viewing is at an all time record high, with viewership increasing daily.

We have the knowledge to craft custom video marketing campaigns and the skill to place television and cable buys.  Furthermore, one produced :30 second video is an invaluable multimedia resource that you can use as a broadcast commercial, share on your Facebook, or advertise on YouTube with.

Double D Media works closely with some of the finest video production talent in the United States.  We can craft, shoot, produce, and launch beautiful video advertisements as well as facilitate the purchase of cross-platform advertising time.

Just as many other marketing channels have broadened, so has the print medium.  With thousands of local, regional, and national publications you now have many options to choose to reach your target consumer.

Buying any print involves a lot of intricacies.  We know how to navigate the world of column inches and frequency.  We also work with some amazing graphics designers who can craft unique and eye catching artwork.

The same goes for direct mail.  Your targeting, distribution, and copy work determines price.  We’ve developed relationships with direct mail providers and can negotiate the absolute best rates.

Billboards are everywhere, and your options are almost endless.

Digital or print?  Display advertising?  Object advertising?  What does it all mean?

You have many options to make successful impressions with potential customers.  Sure you can get an old fashioned billboard on the side of the highway, but you can also get your static or motion video advertisement in many places never before imaginable – like bars and restaurants.

We know the many options and know how to get you the best price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stuff You May Want To Know..

How much are DDMI's services?

Each marketing channel we offer has a differing price structure.  With any broadcast or print service (including Pandora), you don’t pay a dime for us to handle your buys.  Creative production is charged according to the specifications of the project.  Other services such as search engine marketing, social media marketing and management, and reputation management are charged a flat monthly fee.

How will I know if my advertising is effective?

Pre-digital it was hard to quantify a solid return on investment (ROI), but in the modern era we can track campaigns in real time.  Monthly or quarterly, we provide our clients with detailed metrics that show the total spent in each sales funnel and the impressions and clicks it received so you can actually see what your cost/benefit ratio really is.

Can I talk to a real person regularly?

While we do love contact forms, we’re always available to speak with you.  Whether it’s a support related issue or a question or concern, our clients always take priority.

I don't have a large marketing budget. Can you still help me?

Absolutely.  In the past 4 years, we’ve worked with large corporations and small home based business.  Regardless of your size, marketing is always a necessary evil.  We take pride in being able to serve clients of all sizes.

So what digital marketing services can I choose?

As many as you want or need.  Our complete services include advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp!, YouTube, Pandora, and Bing.  We also offer social media management services that will help you gain followers and impressions.

For clients selling product, we’re also skilled with eBay and Amazon as well as Google Products.

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is vital to any type of marketing project.  It is the cornerstone on which the entire campaign rests.  “An ounce of preparation now saves time later”.  Budgets are determined, emotion is decided, copy is written, and it becomes the plan that is followed until completion.

With every service we offer, strategy is always the first step.

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