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The Early Days

From The Canton Repository, August 23, 2003

From The Canton Repository, August 23, 2003

He always had an interest in broadcast radio, but it wasn’t until 2002 that a young Pat DeLuca was able to land a job with a small Canton, Ohio radio station.

A part-time weekend and fill-in position eventually turned into a fulltime night DJ position with WDJQ and later evolved into Pat being the morning drive host at the station.  Along with two other staff members, The DeLuca Show grew to the top of the competitive ratings pile – eventually amassing a gigantic audience.

While being on the air was his primary duty, DeLuca soon became closely involved with different marketing and promotional responsibilities behind the scenes.  As most radio personalities must, he began writing and producing commercials for primarily small local clients.  Soon he was attending sales calls with account executives, answering questions directly from clients, and having to deal with various agencies.

The Changing Marketing World

In his 15 year broadcast career, DeLuca wore many hats.  When WDJQ’s website was terribly broken after he accepted the morning drive position, he built his own.  When this new technology called “Social Media” emerged in mid-2004, Pat created one of the first radio station MySpace pages in the country.  As soon as Facebook eliminated the .edu email membership requirement, he signed up and threw one up for the station.  As new platforms of communication emerged he would spend hours researching and testing them, learning more and more as time passed.

Article from the Alliance Review in February 2006.

Article from the Alliance Review in February 2006.

Being inside of the advertising sphere, Pat quickly learned that the landscape was changing rapidly.  He also noticed that many in the broadcast marketing world weren’t adapting.  Clients were still being pushed traditional products which they purchased at a premium without really being able to see if their advertising dollars were being effectively spent.  Meanwhile, the agencies representing these clients raked in huge amounts of cash monthly and were quite opaque in explaining to their customers where their money was being spent.

Radio personalities are subject to some of the most continuous scrutiny.  Each day on the air, a broadcaster is accountable to both their listening audience and the station’s advertisers.  Thruout his entire radio career, Pat was able to build long lasting relationships with clients because of his ability to identify their needs and work hard to achieve the best results for them.

Our Beginnings

When a contract dispute ended DeLuca’s decade long tenure at WDJQ, the decision was made to re-launch his daily morning show online.  Debuting on February 22, 2012, The DeLuca Show and accompanying internet stream The DSN created a stir within the broadcast industry.  Because of a non-competition clause, WDJQ filed suit against DeLuca for violating provisions of his contract.  DeLuca v. DA Peterson became a precedent setting case because Judge Charles Brown ruled against Peterson, saying that terrestrial non competes couldn’t apply to the digital world.

Double D Media was officially begun on June 27, 2012.  Originally we existed as a business structure for

Our streaming studio in Alliance, OH, August 2012.

Our streaming studio in Alliance, OH, August 2012.

the advertiser supported streaming radio services (which eventually grew to three online stations broadcasting music, news, and information 24/7).  In working with clients, we always worked incredibly hard to craft winning strategies, produce effective and engaging creative, and help them build a web and social media presence.  This client-centric approach developed early on has become the foundation on which we rest.

Because of rising costs associated with internet radio, we decided to shift focus to providing B2B clients with a diverse set of services by utilizing our prior experiences.  In July 2014, our streams went silent but our company began its biggest period of growth.

A New Era

After years of working with inept advertising agencies who wrote terrible commercials for their clients, gouged on prices, and delivered very little return on each dollar spent, DeLuca decided that Double D Media had one mission – to offer the customer the best in service by closely working with them to identify their needs, determining their goals, and getting them solid results.

In 15 years marketing has changed drastically.  Gone are the days of dividing budgets into broadcast, print, and outdoor.  Now you have hundreds (if not thousands) of different ways to market a business, and we are always researching and keeping up on the latest trends.

We have positioned ourselves as a full service marketing firm.  When a client comes to us with a set of needs, we evaluate their position and work with them to help craft an effective strategy to achieve their goals.  If a client needs an audio advertisement not only do we procure the placement, but we also write and produce it.  If a client needs a website we will help design content for it and build it.  If a client wants to appear higher in Google searches or wants to invest in social media advertising, we craft and target the campaign to maximize results.

We’re Only As Great As Our People

To be successful with marketing in this age of short consumer attention spans, creativity and careful planning is a must.  Our radio experience has taught us that you’re only as great as the people you surround yourself with.

In the past 4 years, we’ve developed a network of trusted creative partners around the United States that allows us to deliver our clients awesomeness with everything we do for them.  We are experts in devising unique and right-brained campaigns that get the attention of people.  Vanilla is no way to attract business – you must stand out.

With our years of experience and a large group of amazing individuals, Double D Media offers a level of quality, attention, and success not seen by many marketing firms.  Additionally, we offer products and services that few other companies actually understand.

Whether you need an audio commercial, a video ad, graphics design, media placement, organic social media growth, search engine marketing, a website, or an app (or all of the above), we can not only deliver – we can deliver fantastic results.

“Creativity, motivation, innovation, and adaptability…

…are the four ingredients in achieving our successes.”

Pat DeLuca, Founder & President

Our Work Process

How we achieve results..
  • Plan

    We thoroughly evaluate each client's individual needs, determine what their goals are, and then craft a comprehensive strategy to achieve the best return on investment.

  • Create

    Using our mutual strategy along with your budget, we design a customized targeted campaign directed toward your needs.

  • Implement & Track

    This is when ideas and plans move into action. Once your campaign is launched we constantly track its progress and make adjustments as necessary to maximize your investment and better achieve our goals.

  • Analyze

    We keep track of short, mid, and long term goals and provide a detailed analysis of your marketing strategies monthly or quarterly. This allows us to provide data that shows concrete results. You'll be able to see - down to the dime - the results you received for your investment.

Double D Media provides a variety of services to virtually any business.  We’ve designed and implemented full cross-platform advertising campaigns.  Our voice talent and production services have created audio and video messages that have been seen and heard from coast to coast.

Additionally DDMI has provided services to non-profit organizations, political campaigns, churches and religious organizations, home service providers, restaurants and night clubs, small businesses, and large corporations.

We’ve designed and delivered completed brochures, logos, signs, promotional items, direct mail pieces, banners – all at the most affordable cost possible with the shortest lead time we could arrange.

Over 50 combined years in various forms of media coupled with invaluable knowledge of digital advertising platforms along with detailed experience with the latest cutting edge Web products give DDMI a distinct advantage many other companies simply do not have.

On top of our proven experience, Double D Media has developed a unique business model.  We are a full service creative media company.  Whether you need a trusted advertising agency to facilitate media buys, write the copy and design the message for your radio/internet/television advertisements, notify media contacts via press releases, or desperately need a new and updated website or mobile app, we are your partner.

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